23 Feb

I am thoroughly enjoying my classes that I am taking in Florence. My favorite classes here are Renaissance Art history: From Antiquity to Baroque, Italian Life and Culture, and my Oil Painting class.

It is funny because 2 out of my 4 teachers are actually from the states, one from Ohio and the other From Rhode Island. They now live in Italy and of course speak Italian fluently.

My favorite class that I am taking is my Renaissance Art History class. My professor is a young male, in his early thirties, named Jeremy. My favorite attribute that Jeremy has is his passion for art and architecture. I could listen to him talk for hours about the colors, styles, and mediums used through out history in Italy. The way that Jeremy speaks is captivating.

The first half of the 3 hour class we spend talking about the background or history of paintings/architecture/sculptures while looking at them on slides. Then for the second portion of the class we actually go out and look at the art in person. . I can’t even explain what is lost seeing a picture of something here
as opposed to seeing it with your own eyes. It is so humbling to stand under a
six hundred year old painting and think about the floods, fires, and many other
types of detrimental damage that is has withstood. I can’t put into words why…

I am really enjoying my oil-painting class as well. I am glad that I decided to stick to just one studio class while I am here. There is so much time that goes into a painting class. The first painting that we are doing is a copy of The Birth of Venus , by Botticelli. This is my first time working with oil paints unlike everyone else in the class, and it is difficult. I think I am doing ok though. Throughout the semester we will complete 4 paintings- our final painting is our choice. Which I am excited to do. There is something liberating about a blank canvas and no regulations.

My Italian Culture class is perhaps the class I have learned the most in. It is non-traditional to say the least. This Tuesday we are going to go see and opera, and next week we are learning about wine tasting. I like learning about the government, people, and traditions of the country that my family is from. The classroom setting is very open and we all speak very freely in the class. The first 40 minutes of each class we have an open discussion- just asking and answering questions that we have. The simplest things that you would automatically do in America becomes a question here. For example: in America I generally always tip 20% to servers, but in Italy you are not expected to tip, EVER. It’s something little, but it is hard to get used to.

My least favorite class is ironically Italian. The thing is, I never like foreign languages though. I expected to not look forward to this class every day. I am in the highest level of Italian that is offered here. There is only one section of my class, and it only has 8 people in it. The ironic part about me being in this class is that my Purdue advisor has informed me that it might not even be considered hard enough for it to transfer back to Purdue as my 4th semester of Italian. In which case I would have rather not taken the highest level, and boosted my GPA. Maybe that’s not ethical though…


One Response to “Classes.”

  1. Alex Milanoski February 24, 2010 at 5:44 am #

    What a great post Amy, I’m glad to hear of your new found passion for architecture… maybe my passion for the subject will be half as captivating as Jeremy’s and we can finally run away and be together as you’ve always dreamed.

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