Channeling Churchill

23 Feb

Track of the week: Gypsy Kings “Hotel California”

When you live above a pub that shuts down, there is a strong temptation to finish off the stock. Two sliding deadbolts and a 40-pound lock are all that stands between myself and a (not quite) private supply of Guinness. I have been weak. The fingerprints given me by my parents are currently splitting time between a keyboard and a pint glass, with the pint glass winning my affection. Tap Tap Sip. Wonderful.

I won’t take much of your time describing Stonehenge, because it took way too much of mine. Stonehenge has been there 5000 years, a silhouette against the countryside, and the closest you can get is about 10 meters (about 32 feet). Good thing too, cause I went there with the express purpose of pushing over some 10 ton rocks. Very anti-climactic. The coolest part of the trip was drinking in a pub that had nothing but cats all over the walls and a mangy mongrel as the “house dog.” Other than that the 90 minute train ride through a primarily Hoosier landscape was peaceful and we did see a church that was built in 980 A.D. still standing. 1000 years older than me! THAT is a good life goal; build something that will outlive you by 900 years.

My next two weeks have the promise of excitement. Next weekend I will be checking out Athens, Greece with Bratislava and Vienna graced by a Milanoski the following weekend. When the snow is coming down, or the oppressive rain is inducing claustrophobia, think of me in sunny Athens with no jacket on staring at more old rocks.

There are some guys at Imperial College who are riding 10,000 kilometers this summer, so I shot them an email in case they wanted some advice on long-distance bicycle riding. Their excitement is through the roof and I can’t help but remember the months preceding my journey between the Portland’s (Maine to Oregon). I’ll be meeting with the dudes, later this week and discussing (wistfully) the trek. Maybe if I weren’t intent on getting an internship in San Diego I would hop on the wagon with them. Oh, yeah maybe I should’ve mentioned that, I’m looking for an internship in San Diego. Summertime surf and sun has a good ring to it. Besides, it’s time to get out there and assess the value of a Purdue education.

I’ll leave you with a patriotic thought, because today I’m feeling patriotic. Shaun White’s crushing blow to the collective solar plexus of the world puts a damn smile on my face. Dirty words in French may roll off the tongue nicely, but “I told you” always sounds best in American English. We’ve been saying it since 76-99 of the years beginning with 17, and it still isn’t tired. While the rest of the world pretends to care about curling, we can ease back with our mediocre beer/wonderful whiskey and press repeat over and over. …and then one more time just to rub it in.


One Response to “Channeling Churchill”

  1. Missy February 24, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    you didn’t tell me you wanted to work in San Diego! Buffalo is far from San Diego, how about Chatsworth, CA?

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