Greeks and Turks say the darndest things!

19 Feb

While we were in Greece and Turkey, we heard some phrases that just made us laugh! They may not be as funny to everyone else as they were to us, but I think they’re still enjoyable!

“Now it’s my turn….”  – We heard this phrase DOZENS of times with men trying to sell us something! No, sir, we don’t want whatever you’re selling!

“Are you from Jamaica? Australia? Germany” – EVERY person wanted to know where you were from. I am still not sure if it was from general interest or just to get your attention so they could try to sell you something!

“Jennifer Lopez? Lady Gaga?” – When we said we were from America, it was funny to hear their reaction. We got names of famous Americans, North Face, Hotel California, and more…

“Your eyes still look hungry” – This was one of my favorites! After a man BEGGED us to eat at his restaraunt, we told him that we had already eaten. And this was his response as we were walking away….

“I cheat less than the others” – This was another favorite selling pitch! Way to be honest! Although, I’m not sure how honest this statement was…

“I still love you” – After we walked away from yet another waiter, he tried once more to get us to eat at his restaurant. Ok! We’ll come back only because you still love us! If we did that, we’d be eating 24/7!

“Your eyes look beautiful with that scarf” – Really?? Thanks! But I’m still not going to buy more scarves!

“Oh you break my heart! Now I go to hospital” – This was my absolute favorite. A waiter BEGGING us to eat – even offering free food! We again had already eaten, and as we were walking away, he gave us that line…

“Want to help?” – As we were walking by some men digging a big hole. Answer? No, thanks!

“Excuse me… lovely ladies…” – Every waiter or seller. Every. Single. One.

“Visa. Visa” – On our train. Already told you that story!

“You can’t afford dinner? Come to my house, I’ll make you dinner… traditional kabob” – We tried to tell a guy we didn’t have enough money to buy dinner if we bought whatever he was selling at full price to get something cheaper. It didn’t work.

“Come to my rug shop… free coffee” – Some random Turkish guy who came up to us and started telling us ALL about the Basilica Cistern. And then invited us for coffee. He was very hurt when we declined, but none of us wanted a rug sales pitch!

“Where’s the hippodrome?” “You’re in it” – On the map of Istanbul, the Hippodrome looks similar to the Colloseum. It is in fact two Obelisks. That’s it.

“Our manager would like to give you a free bottle of wine” – Awesome!

“I’ll give you a free taste test… that’s 2 lyra” – We’re not paying for a taste test!

“I…picture?” – A waiter wanted to take a picture with us! He was fascinated by it, which was really quite funny!

“Picture with my camera?” – We asked a guy to take our picture at the Hagia Sophia, and he assumed we wanted it with his camera… :/

“You’re going to bed now? Come smoke with us on the roof.” – Nein, danke.

“I go run Rock” – Our new Greek friend telling us about how he ran the Rockies! Look for him on CNN, he says!

“Where are you from?” “the US” “Yeah I know that” – A smart Greek guy.

“When you see the green man, run!” – Our tour guide in Athens. Best advice we got all trip. The green man is the ‘walk’ symbol. They barely give you enough time to run across the street! 

550. On top of square. Not far” – Ahh! Thank you! The only good directions we got in Athens!

“What are you still doing here?” – After the police gave us terrible directions. We came back and told him how bad his directions were.

“You’re waiting in vain!” – A waitress telling us our bus would never come. It never did.

“I should order 17 pizzas and when the delivery man comes say, this is a place of business! Why would we order 17 pizzas? And then he’ll sell them to me for 10 Euro and I’ll have 17 pizzas.” “Will you share?” “No” – The very mature manager at our hostel!

“Go to Panepistimio. Go to Omonia. Now go to Panepistimio” – Our directions in Athens. SO not helpful.

“Where are you from?” “the US” (takes out worry beads) – Caption necessary?

“I want to sell you something today” – Yeah, you and the rest of Athens and Istanbul!!


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