To a Great Semester!

15 Feb

Hi all,

This is the first post of the blog I will keep while studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the Spring 2010 semester.

To everyone that doesn’t know me, my name is Remy Spoentgen, and I am a junior at Purdue University studying applied math, economics, and Spanish.  While I don’t have any set career goals in mind, I’m currently leaning towards getting a master’s degree in statistics and then consulting in the corporate world.  However, if I somehow start despising my stat classes in the next year and half, a Ph.D. in economics doesn’t sound half-bad either.  As for Spanish, I just love the language (a sufficient reason, right?!). I realize that it can only help me professionally fluently speaking a foreign language, yet that’s not solely why I have continued my studies of it in college. Having an American father and a French mother, I was raised in a bilingual home speaking both languages. Since then, I have always loved languages, cultures, and traveling.  I began learning Spanish my freshman year of high school, and since then I have studied it for seven years, including a two month study abroad immersion program in Spain during the summer before my senior year.  That experience reinvigorated my interest in Spanish and motivated me to take part in a “true” study abroad program at Purdue. So why Argentina, right?  I get that question from every person that knows I’m leaving.  Honestly, there is no one answer, but I have been set on that country since arriving at college.  I do know that Buenos Aires’ interesting melting pot of European and indigenous cultures really fascinates me, and I can’t wait to be in the middle of it!   If you don’t like that answer, I suppose you could say that the country’s reputation for having some of the most beautiful women in the world didn’t hurt either.  😉

Now that I covered a little about my background, let’s get to some more relevant stuff.  First off, I leave for the country in nine days. NINE DAYS…I can’t believe it!  I’ve taken care of so many things regarding the trip, but I feel that I still have a ridiculously long list- classes, insurance, finances, communication, clothes…  I’ve traveled abroad a decent number of times, but spending three weeks visting relatives in France doesn’t even come close to comparing to five months in a foreign country alone. But in the end, I know I want this bad enough to make it all work out. A bigger concern of mine, though, is how not to die while in Argentina. No, I’m not particularly worried about thieves, gangs, or political rallies (although I suppose it’ll be a good idea to keep all those in mind); I’m talking about sleep deprivation!!  I already have so many set destinations and activites that I want to see and experience, just in the capital city.  Then there’s the other big cities, my classes, the time I’ll want to spend with my host family, futbol, the night life… and I’m not even there yet haha. It’s a good problem to have though.  And like one of my good friends always says, I can sleep when I die!

While there are a million other things rushing through my head right now, I don’t think they would interest you all too much.  For that reason, my first blog is going to come to a close. The next time time I update, I’ll be living among the portenos of Buenos Aires!  To all my family and friends here, I’ll miss you, and stay in touch (email/skype).    To all the new individuals I will meet in the next five months, here I come.  And to all my fellow Boilers out there, don’t worry,  I definitely will be keeping track of our basketball team, all the way to a Final Four appearance in April. BTFU!

Hasta pronto.


One Response to “To a Great Semester!”

  1. Wyatt February 18, 2010 at 11:29 pm #

    Mucha suerte, Remy. Felicidades por la familia Boca pero cuidado – he escuchado que son todos ladrones 🙂

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