Happy Valentines Day!

15 Feb

After a busy week last week and weekend, this week was less eventful.  Monday through Thursday was consumed with working and classes. I have been applying for summer internships all this week and I will continue to do that next week, it is extremely time consuming! Hopefully things will work out though!

Thursday night after a stressful week we went out for dinner and drinks at a local pub called the Belgravia. They played great music and sat and talked till late. It’s a nice experience to just sit and absorb the culture, local people playing darts, immersed in conversations about their week and weekend plans.

Friday night we took it easy again and made drinks and watched a movie in anticipation for the opening of the Olympic ceremony. It’s been different watching the Olympics from a British perspective. The British are not as technologically advanced at the United States so they only air all of the events live! With the time change that places most events airing all night long. I have a small obsession with the Olympics, its my dream to work for them one day so it is pretty important for me to watch as much of it as possible. Its been really sad to hear the commentary on the Luge athlete that died. I cant imagine having to deal with something that tragic as his team members and family. The Olympics are such an inspirational event to watch, so many people with so much talent!

Saturday morning there was a celebration in Trafalgar Square for the opening of the Olympics in Vancouver. We went, there was a massive screen where kids were able to experience Olympic events by playing the video game that corresponded. We skied on x-box and walked around to take pictures by an ice sculpture of the 5 rings, wishing the athletes luck in Vancouver from London.

Hopefully in two years when London hosts the Olympics I can come back or I will be working for them!!!

After spending some time in the square we decided to venture to the wal-mart of London called ASDA. It was pretty interesting, the groceries were cheaper than some of the other local stores and it was extremely crowded.  Upon traveling on the bus to and from each destination it is nice to gain perspective of the city and be able to see all the different sites so close to where we are.

We went back to get ready for the night, we had happy hour reservations at a club in the city! It was a great night out, definitely nice to get half price drinks and nice weather! This morning we planned the hostels and some other details of travel for our week spring break in Italy! Feb 27-March 6th! A break well needed and an exciting beginning to a month full of travel!!! Happy Valentines Day!


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