“Can you enter the PIN code?”

12 Feb

Earlier today I was so excited because I had planned to go get groceries (I don’t know why my stories never get any further than groceries, hehehe. It’s fun, though). What’s more exciting, however, is that this would be the first time I would be using my debit card, and since I didn’t know whether the grocery accepts debit cards, it’s yet another chance to practice my German. I would ask the cashier as if I speak real German.

After work, it was time to shop. So, after grabbing stuffs here and there, left and right, the next and final stop was the cashier. I said to myself, “This is it, man.” I asked the person if I could pay with debit card, and he said yes. I handed him the card, and then he suddenly called me. I was busy putting my stuffs into the shopping cart, and all I remember is that he was pointing at the PIN pad and said, “… PIN.” I paused for a while, and deep inside I said to myself, “Blast!! Totally forgot about the PIN!!” Getting panicked, I even mumbled in English as a reflex, and then with disappointment I said to the guy I would pay with cash. However, literally a second after I handed the cash, I realized I had the PIN with me, I just didn’t have it memorized!! *sigh*

If only I didn’t panic and rushed myself when the guy asked for the PIN code, I would have found the combination. I don’t know why I seem to have bad luck every-time I get groceries. There has to be something wrong. Hahaha. But it’s a good lesson to learn, to not get panic easily and to remember that debit card is only useful when I have the PIN. And hey, at least I accomplished my big mission.

Honestly, after what happened, for a while I hoped people would just assume that I don’t speak German and use English instead. It’s a bad situation for me right now because I started to build up more vocabularies, but on the other hand those vocabs are not enough to establish a good two-way conversation. Basically, I’m stuck in the middle of a crowded street, and neither can I cross to the street nor can I go back. Nevertheless, I believe this is just another step everyone has to go through, and I’ll just have to cope with it.


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