Diving in the Caribbean

11 Feb

Hey all,

You know how you always hear about how clear and perfect the waters of the Caribbean are, how the tropical reefs are beautiful and the fish abundant? Well, it’s all true. I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is sometimes. Reef fish of every color and size swim all around you, even if you’re just swimming off the dock 10 feet away. I got to go a little deeper than that today, because today was the first day of scuba diving for students who were certified, and it was amazing. There were two groups of 8 students who went out to dive; I was in the early morning session which set out at 8:30.

The waters were a little choppy this morning due to the trade winds (I’m not actually sure what those are yet, but that’s what someone told me. Hey, I live in Indiana), so getting into the water was a little tricky. We had a 15 minute safety briefing before we actually got in the water, and sitting in that little boat burning up in my wetsuit bobbing up and down like a top made me a little seasick, but thankfully I held it together. Once we got underneath the choppy water all of the seasickness vanshed, diving in the Caribbean will do that to you. We went down to a depth of 45 feet, and we were surrounded by spiraling towers of coral reefs, some 15 to 20 feet high, with fish swimming in and out of them everywhere. The destination of our dive was a coral arch, where massive tiger groupers were swimming underneath. We only got to look this time, as it was the first dive, but apparently in later dives we will be able to swim through it. The later group saw a turtle near the arch, but we weren’t that lucky. It was still an amazing experience though, and I can’t wait for the next dive on Saturday.

In other news, I was the student of the day yesterday, which isn’t as cool as it probably sounds. I wasn’t selected by the professors and I didn’t get voted in by the students. Once a month everyone is student of day, which is a fancy way of saying they are on kitchen duty. Not really that bad, but I did have to get up 30 minutes earlier than I usually do to help put out the food for breakfast. I did, however, get to ring the bell (see picture!), so that was fun, even if everyone hates the person who rings the bell in the morning.

I also got to choose the activity for the morning meeting. I didn’t really have any good ideas, so I resorted to the Heads Up! 7 Up! game I’m sure some of you played in grade school. It was a little silly, but it got us through the meeting, and I don’t have to worry about picking another activity until March.

That’s all for now. Having a great time with some of those locals at the bars, but I’ll save that for another post.



One Response to “Diving in the Caribbean”

  1. Lightning McQueen February 12, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    Ugh, it sounds amazing down there! Your writing definately paints a vivid picture for us. You’re missing out on all the fun of treking through the lovely brown colored snow and skating across the perilous ice here in Indiana. Are you ringing the bell with a wrench? High tech down there I see. Have fun and post some more pictures!

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