10 Feb

Today I went on my first Vespa. Haha it was really fun. I still can’t help but think that they are a little goofy looking though. Goofy is the only word that I can think of to really describe them.  Silly and strange just don’t do the trick. Jacopo took me just around the city. The streets of Florence are really narrow and there are lots of people walking everywhere, it was kind of scary. Not that I am the big knowledge on motorcycles of any sort, (because I most definitely am not- I’ve only been on a handful ( haha and by a handful I only mean 2)), but we didn’t really go that fast on the Vespa. I know that the purpose of having a bike like that is very different here than in the States- here motorcycles are used in place of cars rather than just for fun. But I can’t help that I was a tiny bit disappointed. I like going fast, not worrying about hitting pedestrians, and feeling the wind in my hair. That sounds so cliché. But really. I am not sure if it is a law that you have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle in Italy but EVERYONE does. Literally everyone. As ignorant as it may sound, I really don’t like helmets. But overall I definitely had fun. He showed me a lot of places that I didn’t even know existed and we stopped by a bar (coffee house) and had a coffee. It was definitely a fun day. And now I can say I rode a Vespa in Italy…


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