Typical American Girls.

10 Feb

It’s funny because when I thought about the possibility of me being homesick before I actually came to Italy I always pictured that it would happen to me at the beginning of the trip or at the very end- not in the middle.  But for some reason today I have been really missing home.  I feel like last night might play a part in this:

Last night was potentially the worst night that I have had here so far. No, actually it was by far the worst night. In the millions of orientations that I (as well as all of the other students) had before coming abroad the number one thing that was stressed over and over again was, “don’t give the Europeans the impression that you are just a dumb American that is loud obnoxious, and drinks  too much.”  This is not really a problem for me because I don’t really drink. I mean, I am 21, and I enjoy going out and having a drink or two, but always socially and never to excess. Anyways, last night about ten of my friends and I went to different bars around Florence. In America (esp. on college campuses) I would say that girls generally don’t pay for their drinks. Well here in Italy it is this times 10. Bartenders are constantly yelling at the American girls, “free shots!” Long story short 1 of the girls I was with (of course one of the 2 that I was staying with that night) ended up implementing the same sort of behavior that I’m sure most Europeans think of when they think of Americans: loud, drunk, and obnoxious.  As the night was ending and we were walking up the stairs to my girlfriends apartment one of her neighbors came out to see what all of the noise was about. As I was apologizing to her in Italian, I heard a loud noise, my girlfriends roommate (the one that had drank way to much) fell down the flight of stairs, hit her head, and was slumped over. I ran down the stairs as the neighbor was yelling and went to check on her. My friend (who’s roommate this was) was yelling at her to get up. I was trying to get the girl that fell to talk and she couldn’t form words, her mouth was bleeding from biting her tongue, and as I looked down I noticed she was sitting in a puddle of her own urine.  I was the only one who A. was able to speak in Italian, and B. really hadn’t been drinking that much.  So I was the one speaking to the neighbor, trying to look at the girl on the floor, and trying to think what to do. It was really scary, and embarrassing. I don’t understand why/how girls let themselves get like this. It’s humiliating to see people not have control of themselves. The neighbor told me she wanted to call the ambulance, and I told her that was probably a good idea. When the EMTS came, they of course didn’t know English either. I miss English so much. So I was now talking to the neighbor, the roommates of the girl who was laying on the ground, and the EMTs.  I was not with this girl all night, I have no idea what she drank, I just knew it was obviously too much. She ended up refusing to go to the hospital and throwing up everywhere, I sat on the bathroom floor with her for a really long time because I was afraid to leave her alone. The night was horrible. All I wanted to do was be home, at Purdue, stretched out in my bed with my comforter surrounded comfortably by all of my stuff. Instead I was laying on a random marble bathroom floor, freezing,  in an Italian bathroom holding some girl’s hair back as she threw up.

As I sat through the many orientations at school prior to my departure I was almost annoyed hearing the same things over and over again. As I had said earlier the advisors kept telling us to “leave a good impression on the Europeans about Americans- don’t drink too much.” I always just sat there thinking, “okay we get it, we have heard this a million times.” But really it’s kind of sad- the reason they say it as many times as they did is because they knew it was going to happen again. Not all American college students are like this- not all American college students leave Italians thinking that we (Americans) are loud, obnoxious, drunks. But it only takes one or two of us to leave that impression for all Americans. Unfortunately I was part of that last night. I know that the women that shares the hall with my girlfriend, and the EMTs will sadly never think of American college students the same again- now I am sure that we will all be thought of negatively in their eyes. It could have been prevented and wasn’t-  it was easily the worst night here, and I think it (as well as how tired I am from it) has made me really miss home today.

Top 10 things I miss (in order):

  1. My Family (Ellen, Mark, Richie, Vincenzo)
  2. My Girlfriends Christina, Danielle, Haley and Mehgan.
  3. A queen sized bed
  4. Iced tea and Sweet&Low
  5. Playing Music as loud as I want in my room
  6. Taking as many showers as I want to a day and not thinking about the water.
  7. My Job, and the people that I work with
  8. Not having to eat dinner if I don’t want to
  9. Eating white rice and duck sauce with chopstick
  10. American coffee.

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