British University Life

9 Feb

Hello Boilermakers!

I am going to take this opportunity during my third week abroad to fill all you in on what school is like over here in the United Kingdom, and more specifically the program i am doing. Hopefully some of my readers out there who are thinking of studying abroad in the future will find this helpful! If i dont cover anything that you are curious, i am ALWAYS willing to talk about my experiance and would love to answer your questions!

First off i will start basic with my accomidations. I am living in a residence hall through the company IES Abroad, in Chelsea. Chelsea is a very posh neighborhood and i hear Hugh Grant in my neighbor ( i have yet to see him or get a can of beans thrown at me!). Our location is superb, with about a 15 minute bus ride i am in the very heart of London, Piccadilly circus. It takes me about an hour to commute to class, which sounds like an awful long time but is actually quite standard for londoners and time seems to fly buy with all the people watching! I share a room with a fellow City University student, however other people living in this residence hall are going to all different universities around London. Our room is quite small, but up to date with fast internet, hot water, and a nice kitchen, no complaints here!

School at a British University is quite different from what i am used to. Instead of going to class three different times throught the week, we do it all in one sitting. Its a bit tough to stay focused for 3 hours strait, but it does make more sense, i think with most students coming from outside the city it works better. There are only ten weeks to the semester, much shorter than the 16 i am used to, and then there is about a 4 week break for students to prepare for exams. Being an international student i will not stick around for the exams, rather i have two weeks off after the last week of class, than i come back to hand in final papers before heading back home. The actual classes themselves are run very similar to ones i have experiance back at Purdue, although we do seem to have quite a bit more guest lecturers which are quite interesting. I have fridays off of class which makes traveling on weekends much more worth my time. Overall i feel like the amount of work put into each class is quite a bit less than what i have done in the states, BUT i havent yet started my final papers, so only time will tell!

Im off to Ireland this thursday, cannot wait!


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