Third Week in Wien!

8 Feb

Grus Gott!

So I will start out with my weekend in Bratislava because my week after that has not been very exciting. A group of about 15 of us went to Bratislava and took the train.  I just played cards with a couple other people on the train which the made the hour train ride go faster.

A little background on our trip – none of the people I went with really did any research on Bratislava besides knowing that there was a castle and some churches that we could see. This will explain the next part of my story.

So when we arrived we tried to find a map of Bratislava so we would know our way around and would be able to use the transportation effectively because the ticket we bought to get there also worked for the public transportation in Bratislava. We searched everywhere in the train station but could not find a map of the city. We gave up looking and then asked some people and they told us to take a certain bus to get to the inner city. We took the bus but passed the stop we were suppose to get off on – majorly. We should have gotten off at the second stop but kept going until we got to to the bad parts of Bratislava. It turned out to be a lot of fun because we got a million pictures of different people looking at maps and trying to figure out where to go. We finally figured out we needed to get off at the castle that we had gone by earlier. When we got off at the correct stop, we finally saw streets that looked like a city and little shops. I was so excited and everyone was happy we did not take the hour trip for nothing.

While walking through the city we then found another group of IES people that had taken the day trip to Bratislava as well.  We all then brought off into smaller groups depending on what people wanted to do. I was hungry so I went with the group that was going to get some lunch before we ventured to the castle. This large group then split off into three smaller groups with me being two other guys. We decided to go to a salad buffet which was amazing and cheap and yes I went to a salad buffet! There were so many different kinds of salads, brot (bread) and hummus and we all stuffed ourselves.  After the feast we then went to the castle but took a round about way to get there. When we got inside we realized that half of the castle was under construction.  It was still really cool to see and the view was amazing.

While walking around the wall we then saw girls from our program walking below us on the other side of the wall.  There was really good packing snow so we decided it would be a good idea to start throwing snowballs at them.  They had no idea where they were coming from so it was funny watching them try to figure out how they were being hit.  They finally realized it was us and we told them to meet us inside. When they got in they told us they were just in a snowball fight with some Slovakians.  We started a snowball between ourselves and then saw the Slovakians that the girls had previously been in a snowball fight with. We then took part in what was called “The first fight in history between the Americans and the Slovakians”. One of the guys caught a video of the this fight and it was a whole lot of fun. After our epic fight we then went to a chocolate shop and I got some vanilla hot chocolate. It was pretty much melted white chocolate and it was amazing.   We then went home but even though the trip started out on interesting note it was a whole lot of fun.

That trip was the most exciting part of my week because I have just pretty much been studying German and getting ready for my final I have tomorrow. I am happy my German Intensive is over but I really a lot more confident with my German and feel like I learned more German in these three weeks then I would have learned taking two semesters in college.

I am excited for Saturday though because our week long break begins! I am going to Germany with my program. I will not be bringing my computer with me so you will have to wait another week for my next post. I will be going to Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, and be eating lunch in Prague.  There are so many great museums and churches and scenery to see so I am excited to tell you all about them in my next post! Hope everyone is doing well!

Auf wiedershen,



One Response to “Third Week in Wien!”

  1. nick arensmann February 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    Bratislava and Prague…. Next youre going to tell me you went to budapest. Im so freakin jealous

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