Fourth Week: Routine

8 Feb

It’s been four weeks I’ve been here. All I can say right now is that, everything goes by really fast. I get up in the morning, go to work, get back from work, cook and do some random stuffs (exercise, watching movies, all that jazz), and then go to sleep. I’m getting used to a normal working life, and I can tell you it’s not that bad. There are small things that keep the insanity out of me.

Those are:

1. Cooking. This is one thing I really enjoy. There are lots of reasons for me to cook here instead of eating outside, but I like cooking, that’s the major one. What’s fun this week was that I failed to cook very badly for the first time in my history of cooking. Usually, even as bad my cooking turns out, it’s still edible. However, this curry that I made was totally awful. It tasted very bitter, sweet, salty, it’s all weird. I almost threw it away, but I cooked a big batch. Thus, I went to research on the Internet about bitter curry, and.. Ah!! A lot of people are having the same problem, too! After about 15 minutes of research I realized that I had put too much spices. That said, I added more stuffs in it, and voila!! Magically, my curry tasted better. That’s exactly what people always say, “Learning by doing,” and it’s totally fine with me.

2. My colleagues are fun people. Yes, they are much older than me. Some already have a family. But no one says all that restrict you from throwing snowballs, right? Moreover, fooling around with your supervisors is just something you wouldn’t ever have in mind, but it’s happening here, and it’s awesome!

3. Exercise. Self-explanatory, enough said.

So, folks, having a routine makes time flies, no denying on that. Although, this is a choice one has to make, some like to have it, some don’t. I, myself, like to have routine, and fill the other small gaps with something fun. Works for me, but might not for you. Find your pace, don’t force yourself too much to do this, to travel too much, you know the rest.

But speaking of traveling, I’m lucky enough to have the internship in this city, because Hamburg is just an hour away with train, and Berlin is just another hour-an-a-half from Hamburg, so stay tune for my posts about travel.


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