2 Feb

So  this past weekend I stayed in my first hostel. It was a very interesting experience, and I am not sure if I would say that I loved it. Don’t get me wrong there were definitely plusses to staying there. 1. It was only 25 euro for two nights 2. We met some interesting people- one of which I even ended up going to dinner with ( a boy from Australia).  I wouldn’t say that I am not an adventurous person- in the aspect that I am always excited to try new things and meet new people. But I just don’t really enjoy sleeping with people that I don’t know. There were 8 people in the hostel with me. 4 girls and 4 boys. Four of us came together and all knew each other and the rest of us were strangers. There were 4 sets of bunk beds that we all slept in that went foot of the bed to foot of the bed. I am a pretty tall person, and so was the boy sleeping opposite me so our feet kept touching each other throughout the middle of the night. It was not the most comfortable nights sleep ever.  Not to mention one boy talked in his sleep and the other snored. I don’t know, maybe I am high maintenance- but I just prefer a hotel. Unfortunately I’m poor so I guess that’s not an option now… haha.

Rome was beautiful in that it had so much history. The Coliseum was amazing to see. Eerie almost. I enjoyed reading and learning about it. However I prefer Florence to Rome by far. I was amazed at how dirty Rome was. There was garbage everywhere. I am not sure if this is because of how many tourists there are there or what. But it was gross. There were also a lot of homeless people there- probably because it is a much larger city than Florence. It was just a shock to me. When my girlfriend Ronnie and I were walking home from the bar on Friday night we went through this ally with honestly 30 people laying under blankets on the street. I am not scared easily when it comes to walking at night in cities, but I felt very uncomfortable. In Florence women walk around in full-length fur coats everywhere. The people of Rome were much different.

The churches in Italy are beautiful. I am by no means a religious person, but I love to go into the churches of Italy and look at the beautiful fresci, and oil paintings that are held within them. There is so much history and tradition in Italy and I love that. It is something that I wish that we had more of in the States. In my opinion people have lost the importance of family and tradition in the States. There is a much larger sense of community here and I find it comforting. People protect each other and their family, and place a very large importance on passing down ideas and traditions. It is never everyman for them self here, it is always people working together and protecting each other.


One Response to “Rome.”

  1. Michael February 4, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    Good post. I hope to hear more about your compare & contrast of the US & Italy. Rome is not the best place for hostels. Give them another try, especially in countries up north.

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