When the Sun Comes Out…People Love to Shout!

1 Feb

I woke up this morning and took a shower for the first time, and by that I don’t mean that I haven’t bathed in three weeks. The water system is a bit temperamental. It’s either really hot or extremely cold, rules include only one person an hour, don’t  let anyone use the toilet, sink or do laundry if you are attempting the three minutes of potential success.. oh and if the apartment above you is showering at the same time beware you will come out looking like a lobster! This morning after a brisk walk to the grocery on the sunniest day we have had so far, I decided that after what they told us was a fixed shower I would give it a try! First i checked my surroundings…room mates sleeping therefor no potential for a damaging flush, laundry load, or sink usage. The apartment above seemed quiet.. all systems go! I hopped in and it was a little cold but the temperature managed to stay consistent for a about three minutes! All the time I needed since I have become unbelievably fast at becoming clean!

Football in London better known as Soccer in America is where it’s at! It’s like the world stands still for that 90 minute game and all attention is on drinking, eating, cheering, and especially booing the rival team. After a morning of preparing myself to be a football fanatic for the afternoon my roommates and I found our seats not 40 rows from the field! An exciting view of the our team for the day! We also just happen have seats 5 rows behind the super fans of our team! These guys knew every cheer, and although half of them were a slur of grunts and noises by the second half we had joined in too! It was cold by the end of the second half and the other team scored with 3 minutes to go! Disappointment and gestures  were thrown out in all directions for disgruntled fanatics! We decided we had seen enough and although it had been fun our stomachs and loss of feeling in our toes and fingers were incentive to say farewell. We were planning to go out for Indian as restaurants are prevalent and made with authenticity. One of my Indian friends was so excited to take the group to what had become his favorite Indian restaurant! Its was delicious! London food is known as being pretty bland, they use little spices and have little ability make fireworks go off in your mouth as the Indian food does. It was well worth the wait and the 40 minute tube ride there and back!

The beginning of each week will go about the same Mon-Work, Tuesday half day of class then work, Wed- Work then night class, and Thursday class from 10-5pm. Mon-Thurs. is non stop action packed! By Friday I am ready to pass out and have a relaxing day catching up on communication, assignment and hopefully some city exploration in the future.

I am working for a fashion company called Betty Barclay mostly helping with PR and Sales. The company out of  Germany with locations all over Germany, Ireland and the UK. Its been really interesting working with the head PR director for all the UK and Ireland, she takes care of press releases, photo shoot submissions to different magazines such as In-Style and Marie Claire just to name a few that you might know. Others are all magazine based out of europe. It been really exciting work! Each day I have spent time out of the office exploring competitor fashion companies and learning what’s Hot and what’s Not! The exciting part is I am working with trends for next season so when I go back home I will already know what’s coming next!

This week was fun-filled with planning trips for the rest of the semester! Our first excursion out of London will be Spring Break in Italy! We will begin in Rome, then Florence, Cinque Terre (The coast), and a day in Milan before flying home. It will be 7 days of action packed new experiences! Get excited for that coming the first week of March! The next weekend we are of to fiesta in Barcelona, Spain and the weekend following and my personal favorite GREECE! I plan to relive The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and if you havent seen it, you are really missing out! There will be no doubt that each of these trips will be exciting, breathtakingly beautiful, and full of fun!

So its Saturday night and with an Indian food baby so large that I can barely move from the couch and a long day of cheering and transportation I think thats all I have for now! Cheers!


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