1 Feb

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The weather needs to be addressed. It is never inclement and comes in three types: overcast with precipitation, overcast no precipitation, and perfect (there being more sun than clouds). Creative talent from London is probably spurned by this bipolar nature of … nature. Imagine a young David Bowie writing “Space Oddity” in the drizzling mist, and penning “Rebel Rebel” the following day in a sunlit garden (or cemetery, whatever his fancy). That is about as good an analogy to the English Capital’s weather I can come up with. The weather follows a bell curve distribution from 30-50 F with the chances of perfect (i.e. sunny) weather somewhere around ten percent.

I had the, uh, opportunity to “experience” Australia Day down at the local Aussie pub last Tuesday. The day commemorates Captain Cook arriving on the continental island. He must have arrived like a sawed-off shotgun blast drinking rum out of a cannon, cause that’s how the Aussie’s remember the event. They get loud, obnoxious and drunk. I had the reluctance of chatting with a few of them about “their” day, and they drew parallels to July 4th. Instead of the reverent, patriotic way we celebrate they act like the island of Australia was getting married to a cruel, controlling New Zealand and they have one more night to rejoice in their unshackled sanctity. The opportunity to share in their holiday was not squandered, even though I may sound slightly arrogant about the good ol’ US of A. Regrettably, not a proper Australian beer was served and most of the music they were partying to came from America. I took some pictures, which are accessible by the link down at the end of this post.

I took a walk on Saturday along the Thames, this time going east from the London Eye. Weather was perfect, and I took a bunch of pictures. I got some really good sequences for the stop-motion project also.

I need to start planning trips for the rest of Europe. I’m heading to Southend-on-Sea next Sunday, just to get a breath of salt water to stir the brain around. It’s a quick 45-minute train from Liverpool Station (northeast part central London).

Class starts shortly, sorry for the brief update. Maybe I can ponder something less redundant than weather and pictures mid-week.

Here’s the Pictures –> BAAAAAMMM!!


One Response to “Un-inclemencies”

  1. April February 3, 2010 at 5:06 am #

    Hi Steve! Your blog is very entertaining! I don’t meet very many Engineering majors who write with such flair. You’ve managed to pull a pub job? Resourceful – that’s you! -April

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