Third Week: First Task

1 Feb

Alright, everyone. This week I had my first task for my job. First of all, I was explained on how the simulation program, which will be used throughout my intern, was built and how it works. After that, I was told to run some simulations and collect the results. Since this is my first time running the simulation, this was really a suitable for me because there are hundreds of variables that I can’t understand all of them, and I also learn some new programming knowledge.

Nevertheless, I always feel that my job is not progressing as fast as the pace I want it to be. There are reasons for that, though. First, the economic recession effect. This one is inevitable, and I believe self-explanatory. However, there’s something interesting about it which I will discuss on the next paragraph. Second, related to the recession, my supervisor has a very limited time to work, and thus less time to give me directions.

Even though there are two reasons laid out, they are basically connected to one another. In Germany, it’s not as easy for companies to fire people because of economic downturn or something of its sort, especially those who join the Works Council. The way it works here is that whenever the company has less profit, it will not kick people out of the company to survive. Instead, it will decrease the salary of the whole employees evenly, according to the profit of the company. As a result, and being logical that there will be less demand during this situation, the employees don’t have to work full-time, which they call it “Short-term Work” here. In principal, you work less hours and you get less salary, it’s that simple. Now, to relate this with my slow progress, my supervisor now has less time commitment in the office, yet he has to manage to keep his work done with the deadlines. That said, it’s harder for him to find an open time slot to explain stuff to me. Although, I can see that when I have understood the basic of the simulation program and everything, it would be easier for him to give me instructions because I can work independent of him.

That’s it for this week. I think it’s just interesting to share the difference between the US and Germany on how they handle their employment during this period.


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