2nd Week in Vienna!

1 Feb

Guten Tag! (Good day)

So this week has been crazy. Last night I went to a Ball at the Hofburg.  Picture an old fashioned dance in the  black and white movies and that is what I went to. All of the guys had to wear a suit and the girls had to wear long dresses. It was a lot of fun but I have a story first.  I did not bring my suit when I came to Vienna so I had it sent with some peanut butter and cheezits because I miss eating them. (The peanut butter here is really expensive here) But it did not end up arriving so I had to rent and suit and get shoes on Thursday before the ball. I ran around all day long but made it back in time and everything worked out.  I also had a big German test to study for so I was studying for that night before. On Tuesday night I went to another Heidigan which was a lot of fun. We had some really good white wine and also a pasta salad and chicken and potatoes. There was also a Violinist and an Accordion player that played a couple of songs for us. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that goes to Vienna. Well really anything I have done I would recommend.

So back to the ball. We all got ready and go to the ball around 9:30.   We first checked our coats and walked around. The Hofburg is so beautiful with so many rooms each with statues and decorations. We then went to the main ballroom and it was packed.  In the main ballroom was mostly Waltzing. There were also other smaller rooms. One of the rooms had Salsa, another swing, and another folk.  I went to each different room and danced in all of them. The main ballroom was pretty packed though most of the night so when I Waltzed I ran into a good amount of people. I learned to Waltz earlier in the week which helped a little but I still pretty much just spun around but it was still a lot of fun. I got home around 4 in the morning but the ball goes till 5 so I left an hour early.  I then slept until class and we went to a coffeehouse for class. The coffee house was inside a Butterfly House. We used the German we learned to order our drinks and a pastry.

Overall I am getting more and more comfortable with Vienna and getting around. I had to find the place to rent my suit by myself and I got there without really getting lost. I was pretty proud of myself and I have not gotten lost in about a week. Time to go to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow because some friends and I  are going to Bratislava tomorrow which should be fun. I will let you know how that is on my next blog. Hope everyone is doing well!

Auf weidershen!



One Response to “2nd Week in Vienna!”

  1. Nancy Bennett February 4, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    Benjamin – It’s great to read about your activities in Wien, and I’m so glad you were able to attend a Faschingsball.

    I’m an unrelenting editor so I’m going to correct one word that you’ve used a couple times. The places you go to have wine is a HEURIGE. It comes from the word “heurig” which means “this year’s.” The wine that is served in many of the Austrian Heurigen is wine that is from the most recent harvest. The ones that you go to attract mostly tourists; the local Heurigen are open only in good weather and are most popular with the Austrians in the peak wine season -September, October and November.

    Have one for me! Nancy

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