Week One, Where are the comforts of the states?!

25 Jan

Hello Readers,

Its offical, i have completed a full week of my program already, gosh time sure flys! London the second time around is just as beautiful, surprising, and exciting to me.

The major thing i have been pondering since hopping the pond has been the issue of convinence. Lets face it, America is, as far as my travels are concerned, the most convenient country a lazy person can live in. Granted with that said i think the United Kingdom has done well to bring convience to its people with adopting chains such as Mcdonalds and Starkbucks, however i think we Americans still have access to daily conviences that the brits wouldnt even imagine.

One major difference i have sturggled a bit with is electrial outlets. The ONLY thing you can plug into a bathroom in the UK is a shaver, what good does that do us women? Its a daily struggle to blow dry and curl my hair on a blind guess.

Convience factor numero dos- public restrooms, hardly exist over here! Sometimes as i found out in Piccadilly Circus, you may even have to pay a small fortune to use the restroom, a whole pound sterling.

Im sure you have all heard the sterotype that the customer service we expect and appreciate in the USA just doesnt exist in Europe, well i can surely attest to that. Not being cautious one afternoon out with friends for lunch i ordered a tap water, later to change my mind and order a Coke. That was the last straw for the waitress, keep your orders simple people, or dont expect to recieve your food or check within the next few hours…

So here i am ranting and raving about all the simple ‘American’ things i miss, but dont let me fool you, being in London is MORE than worth a few inconvinences. I have access to world class musuems, free of charge, at the tip of my fingers. Seamless public transportation that can get me from the gardens of Regents Park to the bustle of Piccadilly. Resturants, friends, and markets from all over the world. And i am about to embark on 12 weeks at a British ‘Uni’, how cool is that? Suppose the inconviences are just a blimp on my rader after all!

Until next time: In 1870, thanks to the potato famines in Ireland, there were more Irish living in London than there were in Dublin.


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