Second Week: Appreciation

25 Jan

So, this past week I was assigned to help out at the testing laboratory so I can learn more about the items manufactured by my company and also to get me familiarized with the lab since I will have to do a test in the near future. Also, it was an interesting experience since I was allowed to work with technicians, which some of them are not fluent in English. There were only two younger technicians who know English well enough. That created another challenge for me to get along with them.

The way I did it was to try out using my German as much as possible. In my opinion, they showed a very good appreciation when I did that, thus making a better relationship between me and them. In particular, I built a nice relationship with this old technician guy. He’s a very nice guy, but his limitation for me is the language barrier. But in the end, we could understand each other using my broken German and a couple of body languages. All in all, a valuable experience.

Another similar thing happened to me outside my apartment door when I got home from work. I met this lady who were mopping the floor, and suddenly she asked me to do something, and I, by reflex, just said “Yes,” and I saw my floor-mat in front my door. I thought, maybe she wanted me to pick up the floor-mat so she can mop the floor. But then she was kind of trying to get my attention and then she said something that has to do with “light” and she pointed at the light switch. “Ah licht,” I said to her, and then helped her to turn on the light. I absolutely shocked when she said thank you to me. She was very appreciative and very polite. The rest of my day a lot more lively since then.

The message I want to send to everyone from these stories is: No matter what kind of obstacle or barrier in front of you, people will appreciate your kindness and effort, and it is priceless.


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