1138 GMT Mon Jan 25 Imperial Library

25 Jan

I’m in a routine. It was bound to happen, and I’m surprised it took this long. The constant movement, fast-paced London, has become a purposeful stroll. I am beginning to find monotony in everyday living. Breakfast is the same: oatmeal, honey, and blueberries. My mind races before I fall asleep, thinking of things I should be doing. Experience the architecture, embrace the culture, forage for London’s secrets. But London is one place. The secrets will be different here than in Chicago or Paris, but the idea of a secret is the same. Will I be content prospecting for a small treasure, or should I move camp more often for the opportunity of the mother lode? The end of next week I will have at least seen the ocean. Start small, think big.

The last week has been exciting, though. I am now working regularly in the pub downstairs. Yesterday it was entirely my responsibility, which means they’re desperate or they trust me. I’m betting on the latter, plus Craig (the manager, remember?) had a date. My skill at pouring Guinness is becoming quite refined, and I think the Irish would endorse me. Lately, some Americans have been coming into the pub from around the corner. I don’t know why, aside from the fact that I work there. Even though it’s good for business, my hope is that they find another place more English. What’s the purpose of traveling if you bring your surroundings?

I’ve now met all my lecturers and pleased with all of them. The courses remain focused on the fundamentals of Materials and I imagine will remain that way. I’m excited for my metals processing class because there will be some delving into the mechanics and properties of welding. I even have the opportunity of getting a welding certificate from The Welding Institute after the course is completed. I also think we will be visiting a local plant that casts/processes magnesium alloys. They used to make the pistons and blocks for Formula 1 cars before magnesium was restricted from use in engines (the cars were TOO fast).

I also managed to get out and take some pictures. I started a flickr account, so feel free to visit it whenever you can and I’ll try to update it as often as this blog. Also in the works is a stop-motion film of the city, so stay tuned.

Click here for London Pictures


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