Please Mind The Gap…

22 Jan

It has been about a week since I have been in London and there is so much to talk about!  I have learned how to use the tube system, busses, trains and if you have never been to London the entire ecosystem here literally revolves around these transportation methods operating properly…hence mind the gap…stated upon every entrance or exit.The best part about the tube is that each morning and evening there are people standing about passing out newspapers, when you board the tube it is completely silent! People all around getting the dose of  daily gossip or world news. It was pretty funny when my roommates and I realized we may have been the only people  on the tube having conversations!

The town I live in, Belgravia is a nice area, very safe and some of the most desired real estate in all of London. I live about a tube ride from many of the grandest sites in London. Buckingham palace, Westminster Abby, the London Eye, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and so many more. I have had little opportunity to extensively explore these sites yet, but the program brought us on a three-hour tour of london so it was nice to have a quick look at the city.

A cool places, but also pretty touristy was Piccadilly Circus, very well named for the activities presented there. It would be similar to time square in London. Long strips of pubs, restaurants, and shopping everywhere! There is also the dramatic character mix as well! We arrived at a local pub with some of the coolest architecture I have ever seen, and a great atmosphere playing American classics. We spent the night being entertained by some friendly Irish who were very interested in hearing about the states since they were planning a trip.

Ending the first week of class has been interesting, each course is taught by an english professor from many local universities. They are very knowledgeable on the subjects, relatable to our experience and humorous in their efforts to keep a three-hour class amusing. The british sense of humor consists of joking about American behavior, most of which is true and described through impressively accurate impressions.

Over the next few weeks I am looking to book spring break in Italy, other trips to Greece, Spain, Ireland and others.

Tomorrow we are taking a trip to Stonehenge and Bath, it will be an interesting trip, then saturday I am off to another part of London to spend the weekend with some friends!


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