My first week!

21 Jan

Gruess Gott! (That is how the Austrians say hello to each other)

So I have already been here a week and have seen and learned a lot! The people in my program are really nice and a lot of fun. I am living with 5 other guys one of whom is my RA but a really nice guy. He is cooking dinner for us tonight and we are having a “family” dinner. Another one of the guys was here last semester so they have both been a great help showing us ar0und Vienna and how to survive. Where I live is also great. I live really close to where I have classes (which is in a palace) and also to the center of Vienna. There is also a market called the nastmark (might not have spelled that correctly). This market is amazing because it has fresh bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, stuffed olives, and so many more tasty things. You could definitely spend all of your money there going once.

To go back to the start when I arrived we had a one day orientation at a hostel which was great because I meet a bunch of people and also had my first survival German. We learned how to say hi and other short phrases. The next day we moved into our apartment and had more orientation. They told us about safety in Vienna also how to get around and places to go.

Now for things that I have already done –

  • I already went to the Opera for 3 euros and did standing room. It was amazing even though I did not understand it. My legs got tired too but it was a lot of fun. To save your “seat” or place to stand you have to put your scarf around the leaning bar. Then you come back to your scarf and watch the Opera.
  • I also been to a Hodigan.  There are Vineyards all around Vienna and they have their own restaurant or Hodigan. The smaller ones sell only their own wine and when their wine runs out for the year the restaurant shuts down until the next year.  There was a huge buffet and the wine was really good and it was a whole lot of fun.
  • I also went to a concert that was done through our program. It was just a half an hour long but it was a female singer and pianist. Her voice was amazing and the pianist was also amazing. It is crazy how much I already learning about music and the many different facets of it.
  • I have already had Snitznel which is a breaded pork or chicken or turkey both in the form of a sandwhich and as a main dish. I have also had a Kebab which is a sandwich that has pork I think with lettuce, tomato, onions, and some mayo sauce.

Overall I having a great time and learning German. I have some homework every day and I have to do an oral presentation tomorrow introducing myself and someone else. Hope everything is going well back in the states! Bye for now and if you have any questions just post them and I would be happy to answer them!



3 Responses to “My first week!”

  1. Anne Matthies January 21, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    I enjoyed readin your blog! I am sure the opera was enjoyable, but there is nothing like a Bears Game.
    Stay Safe!

  2. Ellen Borgatell January 22, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    I am also enjoying reading your blog.
    I woud have loved to try the wine you did, so cool that the restaurant closes when they run out of their own brand.
    keep up the good work and blogs..

    love u,
    Aunt Ellen

  3. James and Maddie January 23, 2010 at 4:17 am #

    Hey Ben!

    Sound like a sweet time.


    Obvisously that was only James. I wanted to say that is good that you are having fun and getting to really understand and enjoy the culture. Be safe and have fun.


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