The first few days!

19 Jan

Buongiorno!  I cannot believe that it has only been 2 whole days since I have been here. It honestly feels like I have been here for a full week with all that I have seen, experienced and done!

My traveling went pretty well. I traveled with another guy from Purdue, Kyle, which was awesome because there were times when I needed help with my luggage and it was just nice to have someone to share the experience with! Our flights from Chicago to Zürich and Zürich to Rome were very smooth. The plane ride was awesome (we took Swiss Air). They had TVs for each seat and the food was pretty good and the flight attendants were very helpful. When we got to Rome, which was when it got a little stressful. Our baggage claim took a little longer than expected which resulted in us taking a later shuttle to the airport. Once we got to the Roma Termini we got a little lost because it was so big and we experienced our first language barrier. After this stressful experience of carrying our heavy luggage, getting a little lost, and not understanding the language, we eventually overheard some American students say they were heading to Firenze as well, and they helped us get on the right train. We were a little antsy on the train ride because we were ready to get to Firenze but we eventually got there and were lucky to get a cab to the CAPA center right as the staff was about to leave!

I got to my apartment and was greeted by my roommate, Jessica. I was so excited about the apartment. I had imagined a small hole in the wall. The apartment was gorgeous and seemed fairly updated. We have a cute kitchen with a small table refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, washer, and a lot of cabinet space! Our bathroom is also really new and looks updated as well! We also have a cool living room area with a table and 4 chairs so we can all sit in there and eat dinner together. It also has a couch, TV, and a wooden-glass hutch. We have all high vaulted ceilings, which are GORGEOUS, and there is pretty art in all the rooms. I share a room with Renee (whose from San Diego State) and our room is pretty big. We all have really big closets too! Our other roommate Gina (from New Jersey) has a huge bedroom too with a queen-sized bed. Lastly Jessica is Jessica’s (from Florida) room, which is really awesome as well.

So the first night we went out and walked around the city a little bit and checked out a couple of the bars and little wine shops. I was in disbelief of how beautiful it was. The buildings are all so old but so amazing. It literally is exactly how you picture it in the movies but better!  Renee had been here a couple of days because her friend from San Diego goes here, so she knew her way around and was able to show us some of the places she had gone which was nice. We met her friend and her roommates that are going to the art school here. We hung out around the Santa Croce, which was beautiful!

On Saturday morning at 10am we had orientation. We did some paper work and going over basic rules. I was able to get a phone called Piccell here, which is kind of expensive, but it is nice to have when we need to all get a hold of eachother. We went out to lunch to a cheap sandwich shop. I got a pannini with ham, tomato, and goat cheese for three euro I believe. I was not a huge fan of the goat cheese, which I thought I would like, but I guess I will be getting used to it!

We continued on with our walking tour. It was gorgeous! We walked up to the Duomo (which is about a 10 minute walk from our school) and it is like nothing I have ever seen before. I had seen it in pictures but it is the biggest church I have ever seen. I want to get a picture of it, but it is so large, I do not know how I could get it in one picture! We also walked around to the City Centre, which is gorgeous. It has all the famous hotels and restaurants in the Plazza and is right in front of the Duomo. Because school is about a 20 minute walk from our apartment it is about 30 minutes to the Duomo and city center. It is a decent walk but it is worth it. Also we walked around the different markets and towards the River Arno and the bridge (the only bridge that was not bombed during WWII). Here we took some pictures and then walked towards the different famous statues and saw where the Ufizzi Museum, where the Statue of David, is held. I got a picture of one of the 3 replicas of the Statue of David, which was outside the Ufizzi Museum. Once we  were done with our walking tour me and my other three roommates and I explored a couple of shops around the city center. There are SO MANY STORES! It never ends. There is a pizzeria on every corner, a leather store on the other, gelato, ristorante and so on. It is amazing.

After our walking tour Jessica and I went to get some groceries from the grocery store called, COOP. I was expecting it to be a small market but it was about the size of a small Marsh or Kroeger. I just got a few basic items such as pasta and bread for the next day or so. We headed back and fixed some dinner and a couple of us went out with some other guys in our program. We went to a small wine shop where Renee and I meant to buy some wine but accidentally bought Champagne. We had a great night. We went to an awesome place called Angies Pub. It was my favorite one so far because it was actually Italian and now American. You would not believe how many bars play Miley Cyrus. I think every bar and ristorante plays American music accept the good ones (haha).

Sunday, we all rested a little and went to IKEA where we spent plenty of hours buying stuff for our apartment and discovered the other side of the city. Today I had my first class, which was Italian. It was exciting to learn some things!

Cioa Cioa



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