19 Jan

Today I got lost around Florence again. Its pathetic how tired my legs are. Embarrassing almost. Ironically enough 2 people stopped to ask me for directions today. Haha I wondered around for 5 hours and ended up literally miles out of my way, but I guess I should take it as a compliment that people are asking me for advice on their native country. I am kind of happy in an od way that I don’t stick out as being American. Once they asked me, in Italian, the name of the street or place that they were looking for (which I of course had no idea) my only reply was- “non parlo Italiano”. Which was embarrassing.

Everyone was right about the guys here. They are very very forward. Its not insulting, and not uncomfortable- but it is not flattering either. Today I went in lots of shops and walked around to lots of places. I found the best pastry for cannolis. I went into this leather shop, one of many, and met a man mane Lorenzo. He was very friendly and gave me a tour of the shop and showed me how leather is made and treated. It was very interesting. He even showed me how embossing was done. Lots of people know that Florence is famous for leather but not many know why. Myself included. Loreno explained ot me that a long time ago in Florence there was a man that worked in the church who began to make bible covers out of leather. He taught others that worked in the church the trade and then people in the city not affiliated with the church also learned the trade. The making and treating of leather has since been expanded to other items but did become famous in Florence Lorenzo said.

After I saw this I continued to walk and found myself at the stadium, about 3 miles away. Tonight Daniela is making dinner and jachapo is coming over. Her son. I found out that “adult son” means 25. I am excited to meet him. I start class at 830 tomorrow and I am nervous. I am not nervous to meet people of for the courses, instead I am nervous because I know I am going to get lost. And I don’t want to be late.


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