Departure Day

15 Jan

Greetings to all my readers out there! It is approximately 10 hours until my departure to the United Kingdom and i thought i would drop you all an introduction to my adventure of a lifetime! I am headed to London, England for an academic semester at City University through the company IES Abroad.

First a little bit about me… I was born and raised in Menasha, Wisconsin. A small town in north eastern WI just 30 miles south of Green Bay. I am a cheesehead, i love everything Wisconsin, and even more so i love being a Packer fan! I am currently a junior pursing a degree from Purdue in Management with a concentration in International Business. I initially started my college career out at Carroll College in Milwaukee WI. After one weekend there i decided i needed a bigger place, with bigger opportunities to gain the college experience that I had pictured it to be. I grew up a Boilermaker fan, my dad is an alumni, so when applying to transfer it seemed like and easy fit. As much as i love little Menasha WI, population 14,000, living in a new area proved to be really exciting for me. With 40,000 undergrads Purdue seemed like a whole new, gigantic world to me. This past summer i decided to embark on a study abroad program in London. Yes, i have already spent time in London and i cannot wait to get back! I spent 7 weeks interning at a Fancy restaurant, Quaglinos, as the “Front of House Management Intern”. The city infatuated me, i have never felt so alive before. From the beautiful old architecture, to the bustling markets, to the very efficient public transportation and endless activities to do, i just couldnt get enough of the place.

I am sure you are asking yourself, why back to the same place? Dont you want new experiences? I will try to answer that the best i can, but really the best answer i can give is London felt like a home to me, and i need more time to uncover all the things it has to offer. Sure i have dreams of seeing the rest of the world, but more time in my favorite city finding who i am is just what i need currently.

My nerves have really not kicked in yet. Im very excited that tomorrow i am going to be waking up to London, but im not sure it has sunk in just yet. I am one of those people who dont really feel emotions until the event is actually going on. I should be terrified, nervous, scared since i am about to head off to a foreign country for 3+ months without a singe friend, but as of right now i am as calm as can be… ill let you know how i am feeling in a few days, may be a different story!

I have two large suitcases back (ugh!! nightmare in the airport!!) and have yet to pack my carry on and electronics. Supposes i should get to that! Wish me luck and be sure to stay up to date with my travels and adventures!

Until Next Time- The 409 escalators in London’s underground subway system cover an astonishing distance: the equivilant of several trips around the globe!


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