Ciao, ciao bloggers!

13 Jan

Ciao followers of the Purdue Students Abroad blog! This is Colleen in Italy making my pre-departure post! I am a Junior at Purdue studying Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy and this Spring Semester, armed with my 202 level grasp of Italian and my oversized duffel bag with the rolled up contents of my closet, I’ll be studying 30 minutes outside of Venice, Italy with the CIMBA program. CIMBA is a co-sponsored program for all Communication and Management majors and throughout this semester I will be blogging about my experience. I hope to give you an insider’s perspective into the CIMBA program’s fun events and day-to-day activities, as well as giving a student’s perspective of living abroad in Italy.  I also plan to travel as much as possible! Possible future blogs could be about my adventures in England, Ireland, Austria, France, Spain, Prague, etc. As a six-year-old in my swim lessons class once told me, the possibilities are endless ! So definitely come back to my page to hear some great travel stories and travel tips in all different cities around Europe!

That is all I have for now, but stay tuned for the next blog, when this Chicago girl recounts her two days spent in Venice before her program start date! My accident prone nature and adventurous spirit will surely have many stories for you all! Ciao bloggers!


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