Introductory Post

8 Jan

Hallo!! (translate: Hi)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andreu Husien. I am studying Mechanical Engineering, currently sitting as a Junior at Purdue University. As you may or may not know, I will be going to study/intern abroad in Germany this coming Spring and Summer semester. I will spend the entire Spring semester in a town called Neumünster (Click the link for Google Map). It is located on the northern part of Germany, upper from Hamburg. I was very fortunate to get a chance to do an internship with a company called Sauer-Danfoss, which is one of the biggest hydraulic pump company in the world.

For the Summer semester, I will study at KIT, which stands for Karlsruher Institut
für Technologie (Translate: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. That was an easy guess, right?). It is located in the city of Karlsruhe, southern part of Germany, near the border of Germany-France. The closest big city from there is Stuttgart.

People may wonder, why the school starts when Purdue is on summer vacation. It is caused by the difference in Germany’s academic system. First of all, German’s colleges do not have midterms. Everything is all about the final exams. Now, the final exams may take place for 6 weeks, 1 exam per week. Imagine how much materials one need to review for an exam, that’s why they need a long preparation time. Also, the school year is laid out as the following. Winter semester starts around October and ends around February. There will be a break, and then the Summer semester will starts on April and ends on July.

So that is a short introduction about me and my study abroad destination. Look for my updates in the future.

Tschüss!! (translate: Bye)


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