Four Days Till Take off!

8 Jan

 Hi I am Janna Haehl a Junior in Selling and Sales Management , minoring in communication/advertising.  I will be studying and interning through the CAPA London program. I just received my housing placement and roommates. I will be staying in Belgravia in the Westminster district of London!

Sloane Square & Kings Road is a 5 minute walk, Victoria Station 10 minute, Buckingham Palace 15 minute, Hyde Park 15-20 minute, and Westminster Abbey & Houses of Parliament 20-25 minute walk.

The location is fantastic for pubs and tube transportation as well.

My roommates and I have been talking via Facebook; two are from the University of Minnesota, one from University of Michigan, and the last from a school in Philadelphia. I am so excited to meet them!

Yesterday I spent the day looking at flight prices for all of the other places in Europe I want to see. All of the opportunities are so overwhelming and exciting!  It is going to be difficult to decide where I want to go!

I have always wanted to go to Greece, even though it is one of the more expensive flights I believe it would be well worth it. Other places I am looking to go are Italy (Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre (the coast), Moulin), Switzerland (Zurich), Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid), Ireland (Dublin), Scotland (Edinburgh), and France (Paris)… and Croatia!

While seeing all of these places may be impossible, I am glad to have set some different goals for places I would like to see. I think I am going to start packing soon. It is going to be a challenge fitting my life in a 50 pound bag and the most packed carry-on anyone has ever seen!


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