Amy in Florence

8 Jan

Hi, my name is Amy Cardile. I am a junior at Purdue University, and am majoring in Communications. I have three minors: Public Relations, Marketing, and Italian. In 10 days I am leaving to study in Florence, Italy. I am in the CAPA-Florence program. While I am in Florence I am going to be living with a host family. I just found out about my family the other day, and there are three people in it: a mother and two sons. I don’t really know much about my family yet, it was just a short paragraph that described them. The paragraph talked about the mother and the two “adult sons,” I am not really sure what that means. I did find out that my family doesn’t speak much English, which I am excited about. I have taken four semesters of Italian, and am hoping that during this trip my grasp on the Italian language will become much stronger. I am very excited for my trip but a little nervous as well- I guess that’s to be expected though…


One Response to “Amy in Florence”

  1. Marcia Milanoski January 15, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    buongiorno Amy! Good to see your blog! I’m just checking in to see if Steven has written anything else on his page, I hope you are having a fabulous experience in Italy! Marcia

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